360° Crisis Management
for People and Business

BRRS Attorneys-at-Law
Insolvency Administration

Members of our law firm act as insolvency administrators, restructurers, and reorganizers to assist companies and private individuals. Our explicit goals: to preserve value and achieve optimal satisfaction to creditors. We find creative solutions and may assume entrepreneurial responsibility so that we reach these goals.

The BRRS Approach to 360° Crisis Management

A 360° view is generally required to identify the causes of crises, to recognize important interrelationships, and to find long-term solutions. We analyze the crisis and its root causes from the perspectives of all involved parties. While we consider management and shareholders our analyses includes as well the viewpoints of employees, customers, suppliers, and creditors. Transparency is the supreme principle guiding all our actions. Independence and an entrepreneurial mindset are the traits that set us apart. Every step we take is related to the matter at hand, flexible, and cooperative. Our targets: save companies, preserve jobs, and increase assets. For the long term, effectively — in both human and economic terms.

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BRRS Attorneys-at-Law has five offices offering services to large parts of Germany: Hamburg and Ribnitz-Damgarten in the far north, Eschborn near Frankfurt in the west, Melsungen near Kassel in the middle, and Erfurt in the east. Five partners who specialize in insolvency administration, restructuring, and reorganization jointly direct the law firm’s operations (without maintaining central headquarters) and the local offices personally, supported by eight attorneys, one commercial attorney, and 21 clerks and assistants.

The Partners

BRRS Rechtsanwälte – Joachim Büttner – Standort Hamburg

Joachim Büttner

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Hamburg & Dortmund Office

Nils Eggers – Rechtsanwalt, Partner – BRRS Ribnitz-Damgarten

Nils Eggers

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator

Ribnitz-Damgarten Office

Markus Ritterrath - BRRS Rechtsanwalt in Eschborn und Bonn

Markus Ritterrath

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator

Eschborn & Bonn Office

Ulrich Rosenkranz – Rechtsanwalt, Partner – BRRS Hamburg

Ulrich Rosenkranz

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Hamburg Office

Jutta Rüdlin

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Melsungen & Erfurt Office

Dr. Stephan Schlegel – Rechtsanwalt, Notar – BRRS Eschborn

Dr. Stephan Schlegel

Lawyer, attorney-at-law, N.Y., civil-law notary public, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Eschborn Office

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