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Am Markt 22
34212 Melsungen
Phone: +49 (0) 5661 92 628 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 5661 92 628 - 20<

The BRRS office in Melsungen is managed by attorney Jutta Rüdlin, who is also a founding partner of BRRS Attorneys-at-Law.

The law firm in the middle of Germany stands out for two reasons. First, its premises are in one of the oldest buildings in Melsungen, and second, insolvency administrator Jutta Rüdlin has successfully restructured not one, but two of the major sports clubs in the area (along with her other accomplishments).

She is supported in the office by four attorneys and six clerks who are in charge of consumer insolvencies, standard insolvencies, and corporate insolvencies.

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Jutta Rüdlin – Rechtsanwältin, Partnerin – BRRS Melsungen

Jutta Rüdlin

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The Staff at the Melsungen Office

Our Team of Attorneys in Melsungen

Jutta Rüdlin

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Our Assistants and Clerks in Melsungen

Claudia Brandt

Clerk for consumer insolvency

Kristina Brauhardt

Clerk for corporate and standard insolvencies

Theresia Flor

Clerk for consumer insolvency

Emilie Grude

Clerk for corporate and standard insolvencies

Gabriele Rohde


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