Insolvency Administration

Modern and Focused on Reorganization

Insolvency administration is our core competence — the heart and soul of our firm. The firm’s partners are regularly appointed as assessors, insolvency administrators, trustees, and fiduciaries by various courts in Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, and Schleswig-Holstein.

We regard insolvency administration as a task aimed at restructuring companies, preserving jobs, and providing the greatest possible satisfaction for creditors. The Insolvency Code gives us a broad selection of tools to achieve these goals, and thanks to our profound familiarity with them, we can utilize them to the full.

The independence we practice empowers us to assert and enforce claims confidently and rigorously against any and all potential opponents. This is in line with our understanding of the position of insolvency administrators, who must always be aware of all the possibilities available to them pursuant to the Insolvency Code and apply them effectively.

The law sets the framework for our work — but this alone does not suffice to achieve fully our goals. We succeed only if and when we combine the almost impossible: dialog and tenacity, openness and determination, communication and discretion, complexity and clarity. Quite often, a touch of humor and humanity may be of help as well.

Reference Proceedings

Weitzel Gebäudedienste GmbH

Proceedings: Standard Insolvency Proceedings

Industry: Facility cleaning service

Administrator: Dr. Stephan Schlegel