Joachim Büttner

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

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Hamburg, Dortmund

Insolvency courts

Hamburg, Celle

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Insolvency administration,
Reorganization consulting,
Restructuring consulting

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“Insolvency administration is about finding the most equitable solutions possible”

Joachim Büttner completed his studies — first in philosophy, then in law — in Hamburg. While still a student, he worked for an accounting firm and a law firm specializing in insolvency law. After starting his legal clerkship, he continued his activities in the law firm.

He was a partner at HENNINGSMEIER Attorneys-at-Law from 1992–2017. In 2018, Joachim Büttner, together with Jutta Rüdlin, Ulrich Rosenkranz, and Stefan Schlegel, founded BRRS Attorneys-at-Law. Since the firm’s founding, he has managed the Hamburg office together with Ulrich Rosenkranz.

He is one of the contributors to the Hamburg Commentary on Insolvency Law (Section 63–65 Insolvency Code (InsO), Sections 1–3, 9–20 Insolvency Law Fee Regulation (InsVV)). In addition to fee regulation law, he has also been in charge of the annex to Section 5 InsO of the commentary, which deals with the insolvency administrator’s right to information vis-à-vis the public financial administration (GDPR, IFG [Information Freedom Act], etc.) since the eighth edition.

Joachim Büttner lives with his family in Hamburg; he enjoys reading and traveling.

Joachim Büttner was awarded the Handelsblatt quality seal “Germany’s Best Lawyers” in 2020.

BRRS Rechtsanwälte Auszeichnung "Deutschlands Beste Anwälte" Handelsblatt 2021

Education and professional career


Law studies, Hamburg


First state examination in law, Hamburg


Legal clerkship in Hamburg


Second state examination in law, Hamburg


Partner at Henningsmeier Attorneys-at-Law

Since 2018

Partner at BRRS Attorneys-at-Law


VID Registered Association of Insolvency Administrators and Trustees of Germany
North German Insolvency Forum
Membership in the Hamburg Circle for Reorganization and Insolvency Tax Law

Specialist areas

Insolvency administration


Real estate

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