Jutta Rüdlin

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Committed. Cooperative. Convincing.



Insolvency courts

Kassel, Eschwege, Bad Hersfeld, Fritzlar, Korbach, Fulda, Gießen

Specialist areas

Insolvency administration,
Reorganization consulting,
Restructuring consulting

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“Reorganize and restructure entrepreneurially and creatively”

A pronounced interest in people and companies and in the ideas and concepts behind them characterizes this founding partner of BRRS. Following her legal studies in Marburg and Freiburg, legal training in Düsseldorf/Duisburg and employment in Cologne, BRRS partner Jutta Rüdlin founded the current office in Melsungen near Kassel in 2003. Since then, she has been appointed by the insolvency courts of North Hesse as an assessor, insolvency administrator, and trustee. Jutta Rüdlin has also been the director at the newly established Thuringian BRRS office in Erfurt since 2019.

Jutta Rüdlin finds it exciting and challenging to analyze companies in difficulty and to develop and implement restructuring concepts jointly. She is a team player and likes to be “in the thick of things.” What she loves about her profession is the creative side, the opportunities to structure solutions, and the interaction with people.

Attorney Jutta Rüdlin is committed heart and soul to ensuring that all the procedures now anchored in the Insolvency Code are understood as reorganization instruments, and she would like to see greater social acceptance of entrepreneurial failure and a culture of second chances in Germany.

Jutta Rüdlin has been a member of the Advisory Board of the VID Registered Association of Insolvency Administrators and Trustees of Germany since 2015 and the spokeswoman of the Advisory Board since 2019.

She lives in northern Hesse, where family, friends, sports, and music fill her life.

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Education and professional career


Law studies, Marburg and Freiburg i. Breisgau


First state examination in law, Freiburg i. Breisgau


Legal clerkships in Duisburg and San Francisco


Second state examination in law, Düsseldorf


Lawyer at Henningsmeier Attorneys-at-Law, Cologne


Partner at Henningsmeier Attorneys-at-Law

Since 2018

Partner at BRRS Attorneys-at-Law


VID Registered Association of Insolvency Administrators and Trustees of Germany (Advisory Board member since May 2015; https://www.vid.de/der-verband/beirat/)
Registered Association of German Attorneys-at-Law
Working Circle for Insolvency Issues of Cologne (registered association)
Distressed Ladies — Women in Restructuring (registered association) https://www.distressed-ladies.com


Automotive supply industry

Foreign languages

English, French

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