An Introduction

Solving Crises Together.

We stand for modern insolvency administration oriented to reorganization.

To start with, we see the Insolvency Code as a restructuring tool that we employ to restructure and give reorientation to companies in crisis. Our long years of experience in insolvency administration and our business and legal expertise are the foundation for our development and successful realization of solutions tailored to each specific situation.

At the same time, we also fulfill the regulatory functions associated with insolvency proceedings: we review and enforce liabilities and challenges, evaluate business documents and archive them in accordance with statutory retention periods, and we prepare tax returns.

Our actions enable us to restructure companies that have a positive outlook for continuation of their operations, preservation of jobs, and at the same time to achieve the best possible satisfaction of creditors.

We are independent.

Successful and reputable insolvency administration presumes unquestionable independence of the insolvency administrator and transparency towards the parties involved in the proceedings. We can guarantee the required independence as we see our core competence in insolvency administration and trusteeships. We are available to act as trustees during proceedings in accordance with the Act for the Further Simplification of Corporate Reorganization [Gesetz zur weiteren Erleichterung der Sanierung von Unternehmen; ESUG]. When acting in this capacity, we perform the supervisory duties associated with the position and work constructively, transparently, and fully professionally with the company in crisis, its consultants, and its creditors.

We are team players.

We have a highly qualified, time-tested, and experienced team comprising attorneys, commercial lawyers, paralegals, and certified insolvency clerks. Together, we are able to work quickly, efficiently, and in collaboration among all our offices, irrespective of location. We are supported by a network of tax advisors, interim managers, assessors, liquidators, and consultants with whom we have conducted numerous proceedings and successfully restructured companies in recent years. Our expertise, experience, and clout enable us to conduct successfully even large-scale proceedings.

The Partners

BRRS Rechtsanwälte – Joachim Büttner – Standort Hamburg

Joachim Büttner

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Hamburg & Dortmund Office

Nils Eggers – Rechtsanwalt, Partner – BRRS Ribnitz-Damgarten

Nils Eggers

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator

Ribnitz-Damgarten Office

Markus Ritterrath - BRRS Rechtsanwalt in Eschborn und Bonn

Markus Ritterrath

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator

Eschborn & Bonn Office

Ulrich Rosenkranz – Rechtsanwalt, Partner – BRRS Hamburg

Ulrich Rosenkranz

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Hamburg Office

Jutta Rüdlin

Attorney-at-law, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Melsungen & Erfurt Office

Dr. Stephan Schlegel – Rechtsanwalt, Notar – BRRS Eschborn

Dr. Stephan Schlegel

Lawyer, attorney-at-law, N.Y., civil-law notary public, partner, insolvency administrator, trustee

Eschborn Office