How We Work

360° Crisis Management for People and Business

When we say “communicative,” we mean:

  • … we go into the company and initiate a dialog with all involved parties
  • … we do not make a promise unless we can keep it
  • … we work with legal precision and communicate comprehensibly
  • … we master the language and perspective of all involved parties

When we say “proactive,” we mean:

  • … we view a reorganization, restructuring, and insolvency administration from all sides
  • … we accept entrepreneurial responsibility ourselves — always aware of our impartial and independent role as the party augmenting the assets within a statutory legal framework
  • … we are analytically strong and methodologically secure, and we find creative solutions where others have given up
  • … we never stop learning and evolving; we keep pace with changing times

When we say “high integrity,” we mean:

  • … we act impartially and independently, no matter what the circumstances of our engagement and with whom we cooperate, because this is key to of our success
  • … we discuss issues openly and frankly, are self-critical and committed in sharing ideas with one another so that we find the best solution — even if we do not always agree or have different priorities
  • … we act independently, yet simultaneously as a community within our association of law firms
  • … we are loyal — we all serve the common, primary goal: to realize actions that are economically reasonable and feasible, of high legal quality, and always respectful of one another as fellow human beings

When we say “ready for the future,” we mean:

  • … we are open for new ideas and experiences
  • … we welcome digitalization as an opportunity to continue our ongoing development and to secure a position for our firm that is technically up to date, appropriate to modern age, and in line with entrepreneurial principles
  • … we act flexibly and are able to respond quickly to additional demands thanks to our lean, yet simultaneously effective structure
  • … our offices all work together irrespective of physical location, use modern collaboration tools — and we and our team regularly participate in advance training programs

When we say “oriented to results,” we mean:

  • … the actions we take are methodologically transparent
  • … we give our all so that assets can be increased and companies can be saved from liquidation
  • … we define clear goals and present a reliable road map to our clients
  • … we act in multiple dimensions: we consider a restructuring, reorganization, and insolvency administration process to be a success when we have achieved the maximum possible results on an economic, legal, AND human level