Götz Fuhrmann-Rüdlin


Versatile. Decisive. Tenacious.


Melsungen, Erfurt

Specialist areas

Insolvency administration,
Forensic activities

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“Good processes and a goal-oriented approach are the be-all and end-all of insolvency administration”

Götz Fuhrmann-Rüdlin studied law in Freiburg i. Br. and completed his legal clerkships in Düsseldorf and the USA. During eight years as a business journalist with a focus on SME topics, he experienced and learned first-hand the effect mechanisms in commercial trade and industry. In 2010, he joined the team of what is today the law firm BRRS Attorneys-at-Law in Melsungen.

Insolvency administration requires good processes and goal-oriented procedures; the yardstick of its success is the due consideration of the rights and interests of all involved parties. Götz Fuhrmann-Rüdlin keeps this principle in mind at every stage of the proceedings and in all pending decisions. He uses his legal expertise to enforce claims that increase existing assets.

He views the teamwork with the other BRRS specialists in conjunction with his own long years of experience as the decisive factor for his success. In a highly competent firm like BRRS, the expertise and experience of decades of insolvency administration are always just a phone call, an in-person meeting, or a video conference away and enhance his own work in real time, so to speak.

In his personal life, he focuses on his family and on his hobbies (water) sports and music.

Education and professional career


Law studies, Freiburg


First state examination in law, Freiburg i. Breisgau


Legal clerkship in Düsseldorf and Kahului


Second state examination in law, Düsseldorf


Lawyer and legal department at the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of North-Rhine/Düsseldorf


Business journalist/Division director at the “markt intern” publishing group, Düsseldorf, focusing on the topics of consumer electronics, furniture and fashion industries, and emphasizing especially issues relating to SMEs


Employed as a lawyer at Henningsmeier Attorneys-at-Law

Since 2018

Employed as a lawyer at BRRS Attorneys-at-Law

Foreign languages

English, French

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