Dr. Katrin Schulte


Resilient. Humorous. Reliable.



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Insolvency administration,
Reorganization consulting,
Restructuring consulting
Forensic activities

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“During the crisis of an insolvency, it is essential to not to lose sight of the big picture”

After studying in Osnabrück, completing her legal clerkship in Saarbrücken, and working for several years as a research assistant followed by a doctorate at the Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, and Foreign and International Criminal Law at the University of Mannheim, Katrin Schulte moved to northern Hesse in March 2007, where she started working as a lawyer in the field of insolvency administration at the Melsungen office of the firm Henningsmeier Attorneys-at-Law.

After 11 years of joint work in the Henningsmeier law firm, the doctor of law became a member of the founding team of BRRS Attorneys-at-Law; at the office in northern Hesse, she focuses on standard insolvency proceedings, guides the continuation of business operations in companies, and is entrusted with the management of court proceedings.

Recognizing difficulties, always seeing the big picture, and finding solutions — these are the challenges that attorney Katrin Schulte finds exciting and motivating in her job.

Katrin Schulte has a fine sense of humor and is passionate about traveling through Asia. In her free time, the hobby cook enjoys reading and jogging through the mountains of northern Hesse.

Education and professional career


Law studies, Osnabrück


First state examination in law, Osnabrück


Legal clerkship in Saarbrücken


Second state examination in law, Saarbrücken



Research assistant, University of Mannheim (Chair of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Foreign and International Criminal Law)


Doctorate (dissertation topic: The Competing Relationship of Insolvency Seizure and Criminal Procedure Seizure)

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