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Interdependence of two companies and undercapitalization leads to insolvency.

Transferring reorganization in the family business saves all jobs.

Dr. Stephan Schlegel – Rechtsanwalt, Notar – BRRS Eschborn

Insolvency Administrator

Stephan Schlegel

BRRS Office


Local Court

Frankfurt am Main


Standard Insolvency Proceedings

Key Facts

Facility cleaning service, two companies, family-run


Quota: about 20%


Start: 09/18/2013

Initial Situation

The debtor and an affiliated company operated a facility cleaning service. As a result of the close interdependence between the two companies and the mutual provision of services, the debtor could no longer keep track of transactions, leading to substantial losses in performance.

The Insolvency Proceedings

The insolvency benefits for the 350 employees were prefinanced within 2.5 working days. Insolvency administrator Dr. Stephan Schlegel, in collaboration with the management, retained the customers and guided the initiation of insolvency proceedings at the affiliate company, which was being managed by insolvency administrator Claudia Ingelmann-Jansen. In the course of the two insolvency proceedings, the two insolvency administrators worked together congenially as colleagues. It was possible to convince the works council of the need to conclude a reconciliation of interests with a list of names so that the two companies could be demerged and reorganized completely in a successful restructuring process.

A special feature of these proceedings is that in the course of the insolvency the succession of the management from the father to the daughter was arranged, and the latter is successfully managing the company today.

The Result

Transferring reorganization, sale of the business, social plan for employees fully implemented, quota: around 20%, conclusion: 2021

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