KAB-tec: Future secured for cable engineering service provider

Insolvency proceedings against the assets of KAB-tec Gesellschaft für Kabelmanagement und technische Beratung mbH were initiated on June 3, 2019. The Frankfurt am Main Local Court appointed attorney Dr. Stephan Schlegel to be insolvency administrator (810 IN 482/19 K). The partner of BRRS Attorneys-at-Law had previously been appointed as provisional insolvency administrator and was able to find a buyer for KAB-tec while operations continued. KAB-tec carries out cable planning (route planning, dimensioning, and installation planning) for large construction sites.

ELSTA Sp. z o.o. acquired the business operations. The company manufactures cable cabinets and installs them throughout Europe. ELSTA and KAB-tec had previously worked together for many years, so the acquisition is an ideal addition for ELSTA.

Bild: complize / photocase.de