Peter Schurig

Banker, lawyer

Conscientious. Convincing. Versatile.

“Cooperating to find solutions for a reorganization is important to me — in labor law and civil law as well”

During the 1990s, Peter Schurig worked as a banker for a major German bank in the cooperative sector in Berlin and Hamburg, focusing on refinancing and auditing the annual financial statements of affiliated banks. After studying law in Hamburg, he completed his legal clerkship in Schleswig-Holstein.

From 2000, he complemented the team of insolvency administrators and restructuring counselors at Henningsmeier and worked as a lawyer primarily in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Since the foundation of BRRS Attorneys-at-Law, he has been a strong addition to the team at the firm’s offices in Hamburg and Ribnitz-Damgarten.

Attorney Peter Schurig counsels clients on all questions of reorganization, labor law, and civil law issues. In addition, he is committed to enforcing claims with a focus on the aforementioned areas.

Conscientiousness and reliability characterize his working methods. He keeps the interests of all involved parties in his sights and strives to collaborate with his clients to determine the best possible solution, both economically and legally. He lives with his family in Hamburg and enjoys sports.

Education and professional career


Vocational training as bank clerk at DG Bank, Hamburg


Banker at DG Bank, Hamburg, and Berlin (loan refinancing of V+R Banks, balance sheet auditing)


Law studies, Hamburg


First state examination in law, Hamburg
Legal clerkship in Kiel



Second state examination in law, Schleswig and Hamburg


Employed as a lawyer at Henningsmeier Attorneys-at-Law

Since 2018

Employed as a lawyer at BRRS Attorneys-at-Law

Foreign languages


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